CargoTech A/S

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Who We Are

CargoTech A/S provide engineering solutions to customers who wants a dedicated and professional solution whether it is small or large.

The engineering in-house crew provides all technical supports and other services which are related to the maritime business in compliance with applicable marine standards and practices.

By combining our key competencies within maritime heavy lift, projects, land transport as well as in depth knowledge of equipment and lifting gear, we can offer a tailormade solution

Using the most advanced technology, professionalism, and cooperation at all levels we strive to secure our customers the highest possible standards in efficiency, safety, and reliability.


Port Captain

On behalf of cargo owners, freight forwarders and vessel operators we perform the role of cargo superintendent / port captain. We can create detailed stowage planning in LoadPlanner CAD, load- and discharge sequence, lashing plans, on-site attendance, and labour management.


As cargo surveyor we can provide you with a comprehensive survey of your cargo for any scope desired, at any points of its logistic journey. As warranty surveyors we provide independent technical review and approval of operational transport methods for high value and/or high-risk projects, as well as on-site attendance

Project Engineering

Our team of engineers can provide complete method statements, which, among others, includes lifting designs, rigging designs, securing plans, deck strength alculations etc. We use the common guidelines from IMO as well as DNVGL and ST.

3d modelling
fem/fea analysis
Motion analysis

We have access to industry leading 3D Modelling and simulation software. As part of feasibility studies, and project demonstration, we do stress analysis for cargo securing, and hatch stress analysis, and load spreading designs. To ensure safe and efficient operations, we have access to ABB’s OCTOPUS software for motion analysis

Project management

CargoTech A/S can provide management of your project from tender phase to execution phase.


    We will define the scope of the project in collaboration with our client. In this stage we can also do a preliminary assessment of which vessel types can perform the project


    In this stage we begin the preplanning of the project. That includes detailed work plans, which identifies and sequences the activities needed, to successfully complete the project.That includes the production of technical drawings and method statements. 

    We determine the resources required and create a timeline of  the project. Resources includes: Lifting- and lashing equipment, external personal such as lashers & welders etc.


    Here we will, together with operations department, ensure that the project is on time and within the planned budget.

    We will manage port captains, in-house staff and contractors. Final adjustments and changes will be made in accordance with client requests.

    If required we will attend pre-load meetings, cargo inspections etc. as well. 


    In the execution phase, we are attending the vessel load- & discharge operation, and are ensuring that method statement are being followed and in line with our client HSEQ requirements. 

    At this stage we are giving updates on work progress, as outlined in the contract. 


    After completion of project, we will be reviewing together with project managers and other staff involved in the project. 

    We will evaluate on the outcome as well as on the budget.

    A detailed report from operations will be carried out, and destributed to all concerned parties.