Detailed method statements

CargoTech engineering team can provide detailed method statements, to ensure the safe transport of your cargo. This can include the design of lifting arrangements, securing plans, 3D simulations, motion analysis & FEM calculations.

The method statement are completed in coorperation with our client requests and in accordance with the rules & regulations in force (IMO, DNVGL, ST etc.)

Project management

We can offer you a plan where you can free up time and save money.

Already in the tender process of the project, we will step in and advice on ship types suitable for the project, and make preliminary plans. That will give you free hands to work out the commercial aspect of the business.

When project becomes reality, we will be running all technical aspects of the transportation, including communication with client technical department, surveyors etc. We will produce the method statement, following the guidelines given by the client. We will also attend pre load meeting, cargo inspections, load- and discharge operations etc.

With CargoTech A/S in charge of your project, you will have a reliable and Professional partner, with expert knowledge in-house.

Our team has access to industry leading 3D modeling and simulation cababilitites.

We do stress analysis for cargo securing based on applied loading characterisitcs, to ensure it will meet the design criteria. In addition we are looking at hatch stress analysis and load spreading design for heavy lift cargo.

In order to reduce accelerations, it can be, for some voyages, an advantage to somplete a motion analysis, using ABB’s OCTOPUS.

Stability calculations

We calculate vessel stability, during loading and discharging, and during voyage.

For certain vessel types, we use stability programs, such as COLON, others will be made using common software.