Port Captain

We provide unique stowage solutions

With our Port Captain service, we provide unique stowage solutions for Project, Wind, Offshore and heavy lift cargoes. Stowage is done in the most advanced software such as AutoCAD and Load Planner CAD.

We have our own in-house team of Port Captains, and a developed a network of trusted Port Captains globally.

We will also be attending as port captain for any load- and discharge operations, on-site.


We ensure that all preplanning of your cargo, is done in line with your requirements. Preplanning is done in Loadplanner CAD & AutoCAD. Preplanning includes:

  • Stowage planning in AutoCAD or LoadPlanner CAD
  • Load- & discharge sequence
  • Lifting- & Rigging plans
  • Lashing calculations

As a result of doing a good preplaning we can ensure that the operations on-site will be safe, quick and cost effective.


During operations, we keep our client updated on a daily basis. If any major issues, of any safety issues, should arrise, then with emmidiate effect.

One operations have been completed, we will destribut a detailed report, including photographic evidence.

Flying squad

The “Flying Squad” is a specially selected group of welders and crane drivers. These experts respond to your logistic issues and time depent work and can be mobilized fast.

Our “Flying Squad” is a team of specialist covering the most common cargo related work, such as:

  • Crane driving.
  • We have our own team of certified crane drivers, who are used to handle heavy and wind/offshore cargo
  • Welding team: Our welders will perform any welding required. They are engaged, ussualy, in heavy cargo, wind cargo and offshore cargo, where demands and equirements are highestsea fastening and securing of cargo.
  • We have a team of lashers, who can assist the crew, or do all the lashing on board